Ascent Solutions Benefits from Microsoft Identity and Access Management Solutions to Accelerate Business Growth Strategies

Ascent Solutions, LLC today announced it is working with Microsoft to help organizations solve their M&A integration challenges using Microsoft’s Identity and Access Management solutions. As a preferred global security partner, Ascent Solutions offers consulting services to help organizations with M&A growth strategies by quickly integrating identities, securing access, and facilitating communications on day-one of a merger or acquisition.

The M&A Core Enablement Service Offering combines technologies from Microsoft Azure Directory such as Azure Active Directory Connect, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Privileged Identity Management to integrate and synchronize two organization’s identities into a single identity space. The offering accelerates post-merger integration by enabling the combined organizations to collaborate without the limitations of legacy boundaries. It increases M&A agility by creating a consistent methodology and playbook to quickly integrate identities from two different technology stacks while still maintaining security and project timelines.

The M&A Core Enablement Service Offering provides the following key benefits:

  • M&A Playbook – A repeatable M&A integration process to synchronize identities and provide day-one access, communication, and integrated business operations.
  • Identity Security – Integrating and synchronizing the M&A identities to Azure Active Directory enables Security Teams to use Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication for day-one access control.
  • Centralized Identity Management – M&A identities synchronized in Azure Active Directory allow for centralized management and audit. User Lifecycle Management is streamlined with Azure AD features such as Privileged Identity Management and Access Review.
  • Centralized Security Policy – With M&A identities synchronized in Azure Active Directory, consistent security policy can be applied across the enterprise for access control, provisioning and deprovisioning, and role-based access control.

“As M&As become more complex, organizations need flexible IAM solutions to ensure identities can be integrated, secured, and managed without disrupting the business. The M&A Core Enablement Service Offering benefitting from Microsoft Identity and Access Management solutions, removes the roadblocks and creates a repeatable framework for future M&A activities. By simplifying the process, the business gains immediate value by being able to collaborate as one entity day-one,” said Howard Friedman, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Ascent Solutions.

Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President, Cybersecurity Security Solutions Group, Microsoft Corp. said, “At Microsoft, we believe that Identity is at the center of security, and it begins with multi-factor authentication. Together with Ascent Solutions, we are helping our customers solve some of the biggest challenges they face on their digital transformation journey, by providing responsive security solutions like Conditional Access and MFA, that help drive their business strategies forward.”

About Ascent Solutions

Ascent Solutions, LLC is a national professional services firm that delivers serious IT transformation. With four service lines comprising of Cybersecurity, Productivity, Innovation and Managed Services, Ascent Solutions delivers comprehensive and innovative solutions to solve organization’s most complex and challenging problems.

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