Working Remotely: How to Quickly Transition Your Business

The COVID-19 outbreak is, as we all know, spreading across the world, and the health and safety of Ascent’s Stewards (our employees), Customers, and Partners is our primary concern. Ascent was already set up well for our consultants to work remotely, but we were able to immediately move towards 100% of our back office working effectively from home as well.  This involved people change management, altering some of our processes to be just as effective remotely, and of course ensuring that everyone has the proper technology (hardware and SaaS) to get the job done.  We rotated within hours, not days, and our Ascent team can do the same for you and your organization, ensuring that you keep your business intact during these difficult times – together we can get through this.

Obviously the core of any remote employee program is the technology enabling it all.  Microsoft introduced their free, six-month subscription of Microsoft Teams in their E1 license.  Because Ascent helps companies of all sizes implement Teams today, we are uniquely equipped to help any additional company that might need architecture, implementation, or change management help to get a solution in place as fast and pain-free as possible.  The speed by which companies can enable employees to work remotely is critical, but more than that, keeping your system secure from start to finish is crucial for preventing sudden and avoidable compromise.

I’m proud of the fast work that the people of Ascent have done to help companies of all sizes make this shift to remote work. Our teams have mobilized within hours in some cases to ensure not only business continuity, but effective collaboration, communication, and progress. Here is just a snapshot how we can help organizations pivot quickly to a remote workforce, either through collaboration tools like Teams, through secure Virtual Desktops on any Bring Your Own Device machine, or with your overall Business Continuity Plan efforts:

Within 2-4 hours

  • BCP Support – Many companies are executing their Business Continuity Plans during this outbreak. Ascent can assist with implementing your BCP or help you rapidly develop one which addresses your most immediate needs.
  • Backfill Support – While you reallocate your resources to support your company’s COVID-19 response, let us keep your projects going. When you’re ready to get back to business-as-usual, your projects will still be on track.

Within 24 hours

  • Remote Work Technology with Microsoft Teams – Whether you’ve recently deployed Teams and need assistance securing it for remote connectivity, you haven’t yet deployed and need a partner to assist with an escalated deployment strategy, or your users need more education to drive fast adoption, Ascent’s team of technical consultants and change managers can help.
  • Rapid Virtual Desktop – Our team can quickly evaluate your current VDI and determine how best to help out, including immediate implementation of Ascent’s unique solution to quickly expand remote worker connectivity in the cloud – offering employee access from almost any device to a secure and supported Windows 10/7 workstation.

Within the next week

  • Teams People Management Framework – Ascent can help your rapid deployment and adoption of Teams as your workforce moves remote on short notice via Microsoft’s new People Management Framework.
  • Remote Technology Advisory Services – With our Remote Access Advisory service, and our Rapid Conditional Access offering, Ascent can help you configure your environment so that remote users and data are secure, regardless of where and on what device they are performing work.
  • Privileged Remote Access with BeyondTrust – As you respond to the immediate demand to work remotely, Ascent can assist with your Privileged Remote Access solution from BeyondTrust. Let us help you quickly leverage BeyondTrust’s powerful security suite.

By JD Harris

Chief Executive Officer